Birth Mother Testimonials
My experience with Adoption-Link change my life forever. It was a point in my life where I was lost and had no help, Adoption-Link was there to help me. I was depressed, stressed, and lost my mom, dad, and grandfather. Around that time in my life, I found out I was pregnant and was not mentally or physically able to raise a child. I already had three kids who needed me more than ever and I had to get myself together for them. There was no way I could bring another child in this world knowing I couldn't provide as much love and care that I needed; so I seeked out Adoption-Link.

At first I was nervous and scared, but Adoption-Link was so caring and supportive that it had a positive influence on my life. Adoption-Link always went over and beyond to make everything smooth. They didn’t rush me or convince me to do anything I didn’t want to do. They helped me choose the perfect family for my child, and believe me that family was very grateful, and it was a blessing for me. It was a blessing to know that this family was going to love and care and do all the things I wasn't stable to do.

I choose to have an open adoption with the family, and it was the best decision for me because I wanted to follow my son through the years and get emails and photos. The family I chose kept their promise and they always email and send me photos. They were the best family for my birth son and I pray for them everyday as they do for me.

This would not have happened with out Adoption– Link because they really took the time out to help me and make me a better woman. The whole staff at Adoption-Link was so helpful and they all really care. The one I really look up to, who’s like a mom to me is Noreen. Even after the adoption, she was still so caring and concerned. Without her I would be lost and I thank her so much; she really is a gift from heaven.
My own birthmother was deciding on whether she was going to have a child or an abortion at the age of 15. Her ultimate decision was to have a child. She wanted to deal with the trials and tribulations of raising me at such a young age.

I got pregnant with a guy I didn’t know, which our relationship lasted for a week, and neither of us was prepared to have a child together. Because I lacked family support, emotional and financial support from the birthfather, I was faced with a couple of decisions. That was either to abort or to have a child in trouble. Due to the fact I already have a nine-year-old daughter, whom I love more than anything, I have struggled to raise her for the last nine years. I made the decision to have this baby, but instead wanted him to be adopted. A few reasons came to my mind in making this decision; the first reason was that I wanted to offer a chance to expose my son to a better living situation where he would be able to have a fulfilled life. As I did my homework and research on adoption information, I not only knew this would help me in the long run, but I knew this decision would bless another family who wasn’t able to have a child of their own, but able to extend their love.

Due to my health situation, I decided that I wanted to have a natural birth, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. I had a series of health complications in this pregnancy. Because God is strong, and I believe in the Lord, I delivered a beautiful baby boy. I looked in his eyes, held him and told him “I love you, and these decisions I made are for you, and they are for the best. I want you to have a fulfilled life; this isn’t a negative thing, this is a positive one. I decided to give you to a beautiful family, and I am definitely glad I made that decision, and I’m happy with this. I choose to have an open adoption with your family, and I will be in tune with you and them.”

As a coping mechanism of all the mixed emotions, and all the emotions I’ve dealt with in making this serious decision, I’ve chosen to be strong, praise and love myself, and know I made this decision for myself; and ultimately, it comes down to what I wanted and how I felt. I believe that in any situation, young or old, rich or poor; that people need to make decisions based on themselves. I’m a beautiful black and strong woman, and I’m striving to obtain/reach my future goals. I’m a nanny, and I am a child care provider. I’m trying to become a teacher before I turn the age of 30! This decision has been the most positive and strengthening situation in my life that I still am coming to terms with emotionally, but I want this to be a teaching situation. I want people to understand this – that adoption is ok, and that it’s a positive, not negative thing.
I was in a rough situation and there was no way out. Adoption-Link was my way out. They helped me find my son a family where he will not have to worry about anything and I will not have to worry about him. With Adoption-Links help I was also able to get back on my feet with a new home and job. I would not have made it without Adoption-Link. If any mother is considering adoption for their child I would recommend Adoption-Link because they care about you and your baby and will help you achieve your family goals.
Due to a bad situation I chose to make an adoption plan for my baby. At the hospital I was presented with different options and I chose Adoption-Link because they specialize in African-American children. Noreen met me at the hospital and made a very difficult situation much easier to deal with as she was very supportive and made me feel comfortable. I am completely at ease with the decision I made.

I wanted to pick a family that I knew would love and care for my daughter and would allow me to have a relationship with her still. Noreen found the PERFECT family for my baby and me—like it was meant to be. Through Adoption-Link I did not lose my baby—I gained a family…

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