Special Needs Children
Adoption-Link was founded upon the belief that every child deserves a loving and permanent home. Happily, each child who has come our way, regardless of prematurity, physical disability, exposure to drugs or alcohol, down syndrome, etc., is now growing up with his or her own family. We take great pride in never having turned a birth mother away, no matter what. Therefore, we are always in need of special families who are open to adopting these children.

Historically, Adoption-Link has attracted special adoptive families for special children. Many of our families have been drawn to those who are most vulnerable. With the current myriad possibilities and new trends in the field of adoption, such children are often overlooked and left behind. None of us wants to see this continue to happen. Therefore, we are often in need a home study ready family quickly in order to place these special children with their forever family as soon as possible.

If you are open to adopting a special needs child or for more information, please call 708-524-1433 or email our Domestic Director, Noreen Davidson at [email protected].

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