Haiti Adoption Program
We work with a wonderful organization in Haiti called Foundation de L'Enfant Jesus. There are two beautiful facilities located near Kenskoff and Lamardelle, Haiti that are home to healthy children and HIV+ children. Since the earthquake, all of the children who were already matched with adoptive families have been able to come home.

Haiti is not closed to new adoptions and Adoption-Link is currently accepting applications from prospective adoptive families interested in adopting from Haiti. However, if you are considering adopting from Haiti, it is important to keep in mind that Adoption-Link and FEJ are dedicated to ethical adoption practices which include ensuring a child’s true orphan status before considering an adoptive placement. As Lucien Duncan has stated, “We are looking for families for children, not children for families.”

Adoptive families are encouraged to make two trips to Haiti. The first trip is to visit the child and satisfy the USCIS requirements for an IR3 visa of seeing your adopted child prior to the adoption being finalized overseas. This trip can be up to five days and families stay in the attached orphanage guest house. The second trip is to attend the visa appointment at the American Embassy in Port Au Prince and bring the child home.

At the time of referral, Adoption-Link will provide a photo, social history, developmental evaluation, and medical reports to the family. You can request information on waiting children and learn more about the Haiti Adoption Progam from our Adoption-Link staff. You can view photos and learn more about Foundation de L'Enfant Jesus at either their website www.fondationenfantjesus.org, or the Village of Vision for Haiti Foundation, the US foundation which is financially supporting the orphanages and other programs, website at www.vvhf.org. Children cannot be held without an approved home study.

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Family requirements for healthy children include:
1. Must be married or provide strong proof of relationship for at least ten years. Proof consists of letters from reference sources and bills showing cohabitation
2. Open to single women
3. At least one parent must be 35 years of age, and the upper age limit for adoptive parents is 55 years of age
4. No limit on number of adopted children; you can have up to four biological children, but you would need to receive presidential dispensation in Haiti which takes about 2-4 months
5. There are no religious or minimum income requirements.

Requirements are flexible and certain exceptions can be made, particularly for families open to adopting an HIV exposed child. Thus, please contact Adoption-Link if your family does not fit the above criteria to see if an approval can be obtained. This is determined by submitting a "Haiti Family Profile Form" directly to the Orphanage Director in Haiti at no cost to a family.

The time frame is currently unknown, from submission of approved home study to referral of a healthy boy or girl.

The approximate wait time (prior to the earthquake) between submission of dossier and child's arrival home was 10-14 months.

Application Fee: $150
Home study Fee (if completed by Adoption-Link): $2,400
Adoption Expenses in the United States: $6,750
Foreign Country Program Expenses and Care of the Child: $11,000
Translation and Document Expenses: $894
Contributions: $500
Post Adoption Reports (if completed by Adoption-Link); $750
Third Part Fees: $1,630
Travel and Accomodation Expenses: $5,220

For a detailed breakout of all fees, please review the Haiti Adoption Program Fees.
Review the Sample Haiti Adoption Service Contract

Review the Client Grievance/Complaint Policy and Procedure

For more information, please call us at 708-524-1433 or email Heather Breems at [email protected] to request a parent profile form and download an Adoption-Link Application

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