Embryo Adoption Home Study Services
Adoption-Link’s newest program offers homestudy-only services to families who wish to pursue embryo adoption. Over 500,000 human embryos are currently in frozen storage in the U.S. Couples, who have completed their families through IVS, may choose to donate their embryos to another family eager to fulfill it’s dream of carrying and having a child. At this time, embryo donation is governed by contract law. Increasingly, however, families are choosing to wrap the process in the safeguards of adoption best practice. The homestudy, the cornerstone of any adoption, incorporates education and training, background checks, health and financial histories, references, etc., and offers the genetic family assurance t hat the adoptive family has been thoroughly screened and evaluated. This level of comfort and security is absent from simple embryo adoption.
Adoption-Link’s fee for a homestudy investigation is $1800 and includes the complete homestudy, relevant training and post-birth visit. More information can be had by calling Margaret Fleming, Executive Director at 708-524-1433.
To apply for an embryo adoption home study, please fill out the following application and then sign, date, and mail to Adoption-Link with a non-refundable check for $150.
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