Domestic Adoption Program
Since 1992, Adoption-Link has specialized in placing African-American, bi-racial and multi-racial newborns. We have placed over 800 children and firmly believe that all children of all races have a right to a permanent home. Many of our children are drug-exposed or have special needs. We work with biological parents who want to make an adoption plan to not only take care of their expected child but to meet the needs of their current family. We turn no one away regardless of health status, history of mental illness or drug and alcohol abuse. We have a long waiting list of qualified, passionate families whose heartfelt desire is to love and nurture a child. We pride ourselves on the degree of personal service we extend to biological parents and potential adoptive families. Most of our staff has also adopted children or have been adopted themselves. After the delivery of a child, the adoption plan is completed through the signing of the Final and Irrevocable Surrender of Parental Rights Document. Our staff is then available to both the biological parents and the adoptive family for post-placement and post-adoption counseling. We are a unique program and ready to help.

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Adoption-Link Fees:
Application Fee (Non-refundable, submitted with application): $150
Commitment Fee (Due upon acceptance and commitment to the program): $700
Home Study Fee: $2,100 (N/A for non-Illinois residents)
Agency Fee: $5,800 ($6,650 for non-Illinois residents)
Placement and Post-Placement Fee: $6,300 ($6,500 for non-Illinois residents)

Total Adoption-Link Fees: $15,050 ($14,000 for non-Illinois residents)

For a detailed breakout of all fees, please review the Adoption Fee Agreements.
IL Resident (Chicagoland Area) Adoption Fee Agreement
IL Resident (Outside Chicagoland Area) Adoption Fee Agreement
NON-IL Resident Adoption Fee Agreement
Birthmother Assisted Fee Agreement

For more information, please call 708-524-1433 or email Noreen Davidson at [email protected].

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